Space Zombies Artwork
12 May 2014 Posted by elmo

Drafts for the Space Zombies loading screen by artist Dustin Lincoln.spacezombie-thumbs_01

Portal Update Released
28 March 2014 Posted by elmo

Here’s an overview of the latest update for Space Zombies, you can view the full list of changes here.

Portals spawn a challenging wave of enemies when used by a player, defeating the waves can unlock Estav, Gendo, and the Alien basic unit. Portals will drop off bosses in Normal, Hard, Ultimate, Survivor, and Elite Survivor.

Gold Zombies and Ultra UFOs-

When playing on Normal, Hard, Ultimate, or Impossible, a base will be randomly chosen to spawn Gold Zombies and/or Ultra UFOs. Highlight a base during voting to see if it has a chance to spawn them. Gold Zombies and Ultra UFOs will only spawn if you have 3 or more players in your game. Selecting a base that has a chance to spawn Gold Zombies will increase the difficulty of the current game mode you are playing on. Killing Gold Zombies will unlock Laurel and the Flamespitter basic unit, and destroying Ultra UFOs will unlock the UFO basic unit and a new game mode in a future update.


Laurel is a humanoid fish from a planet made entirely of water. He can send out a powerful wave of water that damages and debuffs enemies, restore energy and health with a shower of rain, and spray bullets at air enemies.
Air Spray- Laurel aims his rifle upward and sprays bullets at all nearby air enemies.

Vengeful Tide- Sends out a powerful wave of water that damages enemies and reduces their armor.

Healing Rain- Covers a targeted area with rain that restores health and energy every second.

A creature that quickly formed from particles of dust left from closed portals. It can use powerful void energy to take down large amounts of enemies.
Void Drain- Blasts a targeted area with void, damaging and draining the health of enemies.

Void Sphere- Creates a ball of dark energy that drains the health of enemies who pass through it.

Unleash- Estav charges for 30 seconds then releases a line of energy.

Gendo is an android that travels to different universes to prevent corruption. He can summon spirits that wander around and cause damage, slam his fist on the ground to create a powerful blast, and debuff nearby enemies.
Wandering Eye- Gendo summons a spirit that roams around and does 3000 damage to enemies as it moves.

Cyclone- Reduces attack damage and slows the movement and attack speed of enemies near Gendo.

Fist of the Ancient- Gendo slams the ground, causing a powerful blast (x2 splash damage bonus to target).

Terrence 2:
Terrence was a scientist who volunteered to have his mind placed in a mass of experimental droids. This is the original model called T2.0, it has the ability to increase the damage enemies take, imbue any ally with the ability to launch electrical bolts, and can quickly charge up the health of allies for a short duration.
Double Damage- Creates an electric field that causes enemies to take additional damage when attacked for a short time.

Health Charge- Increases the health of nearby allies by 50 (stacks up to 100).

Imbue- Gives a targeted ally the ability to occasionally launch a small electrical shock.

Bibio was raised in a jar and evolved overtime to a larger slim. He is capable of launching parts of himself onto an enemy to create ooze minions, and spreading his attack on impact.
Ooze Ingestion- Launches a blob of slime at an enemy target, causing ooze minions to leak from it every 5 seconds.

Slime Pool- Places a puddle of ooze on the ground, any ooze minions inside the pool will receive a health, damage, and speed increase.

Ooze Spread- Permanently gives Bibio’s attack a chance to spread on impact.

New Basic Units-

3 new basic units have been added that may be very useful in upcoming modes.

Medal Rewards-
Medal Rewards
New items have been added to the Base’s shop, but you can only use them if you have earned a certain amount of Medals.

Upgradable Base-

The Base and the turrets within it can now be upgraded with credits.

Portal Update and 10.0 release dates
7 March 2014 Posted by elmo

The upcoming update of Space Zombies that adds several new features will be live on 3/28.

The next major update will be 10.0, this will include Impossible Mode, an alternate version of Normal Mode that limits hero selection and reduces credit income, and much more. It is expected to be released near the end of spring, but development could go on for a bit longer. More details about 10.0 and it’s release will be posted when they become available.

Portal Update Preview
1 February 2014 Posted by elmo

A large content update is coming out in March that will add several new features to Space Zombies. In this update new items called Portals will now sometimes drop from bosses in Normal, Hard, Ultimate, Impossible, Survivor and Elite Survivor. When used by a player, Portals will spawn a wave of very challenging enemies, closing 100 Portals will unlock Estav, a powerful spellcaster hero, and closing 200 Portals will unlock a new Protoss basic unit. There will also be Elite Portals, these will only drop in Ultimate, Impossible, and Elite Survivor, and will also unlock a new hero after closing 50. Some of the other bigger changes include:

  • Being able to upgrade your base’s damage, health, and armor with credits
  • Random spawns that appear when playing on randomly selected bases, giving rewards such as new basic units or heroes (this will only occur if at least 5 players are in the game when voting)
  • New items from the base that can only be used if you have a certain amount of Medals are accumulated
  • Access to 5 new heroes (shown in the screenshot below)
  • Portal Preview

    New Forums and Other Updates
    20 December 2013 Posted by elmo

    Forums have been added that can be used to organize groups, report bugs, suggest improvements, or just discuss Space Zombies. The hero and item sections of the website will also be updated soon to include all of the newly added content, more detailed information, and faster loading pages.